International Program Directors

These community leaders, volunteering their time and effort, work as PeacePal's international program directors. These dedicated individuals build community and bridges of peace with local youth eager to connect with peers abroad.

Jean-Bosco Akanto
Kanté, Togo (current program director since 2007)

We were introduced to Jean-Bosco Akanto by returned Peace Corps volunteer and PeacePal board member, Ismail Kassam, in spring 2007. Kanté was our very first letter writing group and remains one of the biggest today. In addition to his work for PeacePal, this dynamic community leader runs a garden to help provide income for orphans in the area. Akanto oversaw summer 2011 Stamp Out Malaria bed net distribution in Togo.

Amadou Lamine Ndour
Dakar, Senegal (current program director since 2011)

Amadou Lamine Ndour was born in 1956 in Dakar, Senegal. He holds a baccalaureate degree and has studied economic sciences for two years. He is the head master of Xam Xamle School and is a member of an association for the promotion of education.