Establishing a PeacePal Student Group


Creating a more peaceful world, one student at a time … one letter at a time.

PeacePal is an international peace through education pen pal and service classroom-based program for middle and high school students. 

Joining PeacePal takes a commitment to maintaining contact between your students and their PeacePal pen pals across the globe. Students are asked to write three to four thoughtful hand written letters each school year.  We offer a full curriculum, Peace Begins in Me, which is aligned with Common Core State Standards as well as project based learning resources which streamline lesson planning.  The letter writing lessons can be used for Language Arts; the cultural studies lessons apply to World History or Humanities; and the peaceful communication lessons are valuable for anti-bullying programs. We provide you with the curriculum, letter and envelope templates, peer editing worksheets, and guidelines to writing a letter, providing structure for less confident writers. Our staff are available to support you throughout the process, provide training and answer questions.

We connect your students with peers across the globe.  When students have authentic reasons to write to a real-life audience who will read and respond to what they have to say, they are much more motivated to write and write well. This curriculum provides just that: an audience of intriguing peers from another culture whose lives your students can explore through writing. Watching students receive and read letters from their PeacePal will be one of those experiences that make you glad you chose the teaching profession! Contact us now to find out more about joining PeacePal.

Teachers and school administrators in international locations can contact us to learn how to enroll in our program. We are not able to accept individual PeacePals at this time, and the teacher/classroom enrollment deadline for each school year is July 30th. We urge teachers to contact us in the spring or summer prior to a school year to discuss participating in our pen pal program.

Please Note: As of July 2013 the PeacePal program for the 2013-2014 school year is full and we are no longer accepting applications for this year. If you are interested in starting a PeacePal group in your area, please contact us in May of 2014.