How Students Join


Friendship is a Commitment

PeacePal is a classroom-based program for middle and high school age students. In most cases, students write 3 to 4 hand-written letters to a peer in a country across the globe, and receive 3 to 4 reply letters each school year. In the process of learning about your PeacePal's country and culture, you will also begin to learn peace building skills. There is no charge to participate in the program, but an open mind, your best effort and commitment to the process are expected.

We are not able to accept individual PeacePals at this time, and the teacher/classroom enrollment deadline for each school year is July 30th. If you would like to become a PeacePal, please talk with your teacher about joining our program and have them contact us. We recommend that teachers or group leaders contact us in the spring or summer prior to the start of a new school year to discuss our pen pal program.

PLEASE NOTE: As of April 2014 the PeacePal program is accepting participants for the 2014-2015 school year.  Please contact us by June 30, 2014 if you are interested in starting a PeacePal group in your area.

Student Quotes

“I hope you will keep swimming and dancing and learning what it means to be kind and make a change in the world. I have learned so much from you, don’t ever forget that."  -- From a student in the USA writing to a South African PeacePal

“I have enjoyed how your letter opened a window into your life over in south Africa and hope you learned something about where I live as well…Someday when we’re older, I might visit South Africa to see the celebration you spoke of in your last letter. Nelson Mandela is a great man and has done wonderful things. Your freedom and how you got your freedom is something to be proud of." --From a student in the USA writing to a South African PeacePal  

"My family is not in good conditions because my parents are jobless. Sometimes we do not eat food because we have no money to buy it." --From a student in Uganda writing to a US PeacePal

“I think it is very kind that you learn English and write to me in my language. Sometimes I wish that Americans would have to learn another language and write to people in different countries in the country’s native language.” -- From a student in the USA writing to a Senegalese PeacePal

“Throughout this program I have learned much about another culture, and I am grateful for that.” -- From a student in the USA writing to a Senegalese PeacePal

"Of course I like the idea of PeacePal. The bond between two students: the future of their own nation from different worlds to build a peaceful world. Where we get chance to share different ideas, solution, thought, knowledge, environment etc… with much love and care." --From a student in Nepal writing to a US PeacePal

"It was exciting to receive your letter. I hope you enjoyed mine. I love learning about you and your life." --From a student in the USA writing to a Kenyan PeacePal

"You have only gotten nicer since last time, and so much more interesting since the last time I talked to you! I’d like to express how deeply sorry I am for all the power cuts…." --From a student in the USA writing to a Nepali PeacePal

Students in Action


Maribel Rodriguez

While most high school sophomores were making plans for their summer break, South Valley Academy student Maribel Rodriguez was helping students 9,000 miles away. After hearing about her pen pal’s struggling school in Uganda, Maribel took the initiative to organize bake sales and a car wash to raise money to support her friend's school. Maribel and her friends raised $180. Maribel is an inspiration and a shining example that Peace is a Verb! Thank you to Maribel and friends, keep up the good work. 


     Yuridia Loera  

Yuridia Loera is an eager incoming freshman at UNM. She is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering with a Biochemistry concentration.  Yuridia plans to attend Medical school to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a specialized doctor to help cure mental illness in patients amid rural and underdeveloped regions of the world.  Yuridia has been an exceptional student leader for  PeacePal.  She has participated in fundraising for Stamp Out Malaria, has proven herself a successful community organizer, and has helped plan the Youth Service Summit.